Our key characteristics:

Highly thorough.

Every detail, both in inspections and in our relationships, matters.

Experts In Communication

especially in the areas of delivering news & negotiating.

Peace Bringing

Every interaction is an opportunity to relieve stress.

Our Critical Actions

We keep these at the forefront of our business to ensure our mission is achieved.

We direct the flow of communication.

 - In a way that allows everyone we interact with to feel secure with our business. The way we share our findings in inspections can have a massive impact on the lives of sellers, buyers, and agents alike.

We love with attentiveness

- We pay attention to everything around us and use that information to love people and make them feel loved.

We proactively invite critique and advice

 - Humility is the key trait that defines a leader. Because we are guides to our clients, and in that respect we are a leader, we invite the insight of our clients and agents so that we can grow. Ample humility will allow us to lead as inspectors, as well as lead the entire home inspection industry in our area.


Homes are full of stress, emotion, and division. The most stressful time of owning a home is buying and starting it.

Tumbleweed Home Inspections believes that the best way to create a healthy home full of healthy people is to start it in a wise way.

Our mission is to inspect homes well and communicate clearly with our clients so they can make wise decisions and overcome the stress of home buying.

About the Owner:

Gentry Giles

Professional Home Inspector

Tumbleweed is owned and operated by Amarillo Native, Gentry Giles. Gentry’s degree & experience are in the welding industry, where he found metalwork not fulfilling his deep passion for interpersonal relationships.

Gentry went into Law Enforcement, where he became a patrolman on the streets of Amarillo, having a full and meaningful tenure at the Police Department. He now serves as a Reserve Sheriff's Deputy at the Potter County Sheriff's Office. 

Home Inspection entered Gentry’s life when he and his wife bought a home. The immense impact and importance of home-ownership quickly became a passion of Gentry’s, so he bought Tumbleweed Home Inspections in 2020. He grew a heart for new homeowners and helping them succeed.