If it's there, we find it.

We inspect the home you want to buy to make your decision easy.

Our home inspections look for problems from roof to foundation.

Not getting an inspection could cost you...





Get the report to help you...

Save Money
no costly, surprise repairs

Save Time
figuring out what needs
to be fixed.

Make a Good Decision
Know you're safe and sound in your home.


The services you can pick to help you make a wise decision

Complete Home Inspection

Avg: $450

Find the problems that could cause headaches.

Sewer Camera


Avoid thousands of dollars repairing hidden damage.



A treatment could cost around $1,000. Don't have roommates when you move in.

Water Quality Sample


If the house has a well, when was the last time the water was tested?

Septic Inspection


Underground waste systems might not be operating like you'd hope. And homeowners often forget to maintain these.

Avoid the stress that comes from surprise problems.

Going blind into a real estate transaction is a recipe for disaster.

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Your wise decision plan

2. Read your report

3. Make a wise decision

Establish a healthy home

We know what it's like to buy a home. 

We are homeowner's in Amarillo and have been new home buyers before. We know what it's like to make a bunch of offers (we made 7 before we got our home), and be so hopeful you win the bid.

Our home inspections in Amarillo are here to help you get that same peace of mind we had on our 8th house. 

Get FREE access to Home Binder with every home inspection.

Manage your home with no mess.
Always organized- always free.
Remember every detail of every project: paint color, receipts, to who did the work, and regular maintenance.

You're not alone:
Our reviews show that we care.

Elizabeth Cole

"My husband and I are buying our first house. Neither one of us is in the home industry, but Gentry made sure we understood what he was talking about without dumbing the information down."

Michelle Perdue

"Such an awesome experience. We are in the process of purchasing our first home and Gentry did our inspection. He explained everything to us and answered all our questions! I would definitely recommend him to everyone!"

Holly B.

"Gentry (owner) was awesome! We are first time homebuyers and are thrilled with his services. He was very detailed and in-depth with his report. He explained everything to us in normal people talk and we left feeling educated and confident in the home we are buying. He drove over two hours to inspect the home and was on time and ready to work!"

Rosvel Gonzalez

"Everything about Tumbleweed Home Inspection was so easy and brought me peace of mind with our home buying process. Tumbleweed’s website was user friendly and Gentry followed up immediately! Gentry traveled an hour to get here and he did a very thorough inspection and during the walk through he made everything easy to understand and now I feel confident about moving through with purchasing our new home. Thank you for going above and beyond!!"

"The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace." 
- Numbers 6: 24-26

Tumbleweed and family extend this blessing on our clients, competitors, and community.